mr. fox goes upstate

We spent the past several days in New Paltz and Bloomville with my sister and parents ….

It was great fun – the kind of summer deliciousness we’d dreamed about all winter and spring.

Just before we left, our cardiologist decided that Ruben’s blood pressure is too high … after double-checking that the blood pressure is not being caused by more narrowing in his heart (it’s not – shew), and running tests on Ruben’s kidneys to make sure they weren’t the cause (his kidneys are fine too – shew shew), he prescribed blood pressure medication (beta blockers) for Ruben. So – after about 1.5 weeks med-free, Ruben’s back on some meds …. but, it’s not slowing him down 🙂

We’re hopeful that his blood pressure will come down on it’s own in time as his body continues to heal. Until then, the cardiologist is having us pop by every few days to check-in. Dr. Chhabra doesn’t seem too worried, so we’re not either.

back in Brooklyn:

Next month – Cape Cod!


11 thoughts on “mr. fox goes upstate

  1. Yeah, yeah. Very nice. But we’re holding our oohs and ahs for the Wellfleet photos.
    Just kidding…he looks absolutely joyous as does everyone who is with him. We can’t wait to see him. Love, Yvonne and Moe

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and the news, and hoping very much that there is no cause for alarm. How lovely for you all to have some relaxing summer time together, and the living looks quite easy! xxx Jan

  3. we started reading The Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight, so this post’s title made me laugh. I love the picture of him in the litterbox-sized pool. And I thought, on my iphone, that the photo of your mom and ruben on the grass was you,maddie, with a white hat on. wow…oops! thankfully, your mom is beautiful, so no worries there. and yay for sister belly! xo.

  4. Ruben the gorgeous making us all happy! Again! On with the summer and Ruben doscovering the world outside at close quarters with his adoring attendants in tow! Love to you all, Felicity and Richard

  5. What a little show-stealer he is! (The rest of you look good too!) Happy and restful times for you all….well deserved.
    Love, Nancy

  6. Country life is pretty cool, isn’t it? I’m in Putney, VT with Gabe, Anya, Riley and Charlotte (6 mos old) and the chickens and pigs. I just saw these fabulous fotos because I’ve been on vacation from technology. Ruben and all of you look so great. I love Sam and Ruben in the tube. Enjoy summer! Love to all, anne e.

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