We’re heading home! Right this minute!

5 days post-op ….. that’s not too shabby, Super Ruben.

at home we’ll be nursing Ruben back to strength as he’s still quite tender and his Brooklyn doctors will keep a close eye on him this week.

But – yahoooo!!! We’re going home!



38 thoughts on “sprung

  1. What a lovely message to receive – thank you so much for letting us share this. I’m sure Ruben will feel the blessing of being home as much as his family. xxx J and P

  2. You guys deserve a stiff drink….well, milk for Ruben I guess! So happy for you. Relax, breathe, and Rubinate for the rest of the weekend!
    Love, Nancy

  3. Great work team. You deserve a little quiet normality. i love the word “rubenate”. hope there’s lots of it.
    love david & kasia

  4. What fantastic news!! Wishing you a smooth transition home and a continued speedy and full recovery for SuperRuben!!!

  5. Just got (back) online this Sunday morning-THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!! Ruben is something else – that luscious grin that warms the hearts of all of us -his fans across the planet. Wonderful. The gentlest kiss from me (and from Richard who slumbers on as I write but who will be as ecstatic when I tell him…)Love to you all, Felicity

  6. We love seeing that smile again. Oh, Ruben, we’re so glad to see you going home. From now on, just heal, play, feel good, enjoy all the good air coming in. We’ve got lots to talk about.
    Love from your third level grandparents (what an honor!)

  7. Ruben!!! You are such a rockstar!!! We love seeing your smile again (on photo). Hope the rest of your healing journey goes as well as your immediate post opt steps. Sending you endless love, Patri, Myke and Ruby

    And Maddy and Sam, you are such rockstar parents! We think of you in unthinkable amounts. Thank you for modeling such strength and courage we must have in this world.

  8. wow that was fast! we’re so thrilled he’s brooklyn bound again and look forward to seeing him smiling in the park soon. let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with the transition back at home. love and admiration, ben/ari

  9. Brilliant! that’s the smile we’ve been waiting for! I’ll bet he’s tender all right, but is in tenderly strong hands. Go Ruben &co!– with love, robin

  10. Ruben is a such a wonder! I’m thinking of your family with love as you settle back into the rhythms of home. I’m very happy for you all.

  11. Yippy, yahoooo! You’d never know by looking at him what he’s been through. He is so darn cute!
    Lots of love sent your way…

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