round 3 (4?)

dear family and friends,
here we go!
we got a call this afternoon that Ruben is scheduled for a catheterization on Thursday (this Thursday, the 8th) (u.s. time). We’ll take Ruben for all his pre-op tests tomorrow …. and then back again on Thursday.

We aren’t looking forward to it, but we knew it was coming and we’re relieved/grateful that Ruben’s heart is getting the attention it requires ….

actually, we’re not exactly sure what the plan is — we’ll know more once we meet with the surgeon tomorrow.

and, we’ll pass on what we learn

we don’t expect that Ruben will need to be in the hospital more than a few days this time

fingers crossed. knock on wood.

he sure is super cute these days ….

(sorry the quality of the videos we post is strange …. one of these days I’ll take the time to really figure out this blog)


21 thoughts on “round 3 (4?)

  1. oooh that little voice! so sweet. i can’t wait to show this new “beebee rooden” video to amelia and ezra tomorrow. xxxooo

  2. Thank you all so much for sharing Ruben – with special thanks to the guy himself!
    Extra breaths tomorrow and Thursday to the lungs that hug our hearts – [March 8th -International Women’s Day – gotta be auspicious -:) ]

  3. Best of luck tomorrow and of course, wishes that it can go as quickly and smoothly as we all hope. Thanks for the cute video. We will keep an eye to the blog. XO. J, P, E, Z

  4. He’s such a charmer! Wishing you all the best for round 3 but mostly that it is the final bout that your little champion has to triumph over. Hang in there..we are all with you. Love, Nancy

  5. He sure is cute!! And talkative! Wonder where he got that from??? Wishing you all an easy procedure and a quick return home. Love to all, anne e

  6. little does ruben know that his global fan club just loves the way he wiggles in that video!
    the brooklyn chapter of the club is hoping for a brief stay in the hospital!
    lots of love and see you soon i hope.

  7. Oh my gosh- he is ADORABLE and that video is amazing!! It made me smile. I’m sending love and good thoughts your way. I hope that tomorrow goes smoothly and that you are back home soon making more fabulous Ruben videos.
    Holding you in the light,
    meg g

  8. what a beautiful boy. we wish he could be finished with procedures, but we’re trusting this one will go smoothly–and be, comparatively speaking, much easier. we really appreciate your keeping us posted, and we’re absolutely with the three of you every step of the way. love, ben/ari

  9. We’re loving you and thinking of you and hoping for the best. Blessings on you all, especially little Ruben who without even knowing it is the bravest person I know.

  10. Hello RubinandSamandMaddyandGrandparents,
    We’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. Here’s wishing you well…and a quick recovery and discharge. Love, Albert

  11. Wow. Super Super Ruben. This little guy is the poster child for perseverance and getting through tough times with grace and triumphant, sweet smiles. I’m guessing he gets this from his parents. Love to you three. xoxo

  12. So adorable! A lovely curious little fella. What a trooper he is, all three of you! Hope all goes smoothly and quickly for this next hospital round. Love, Lee and Ravi

  13. cheering for the champ! rah rah ruben! sending hugs, hugs, & more virtual hugs for you heroic humans as you charge up those steps to the next round like rocky balboa on a mission, riding a magic carpet of clarity & grace, stepping into the unknown with feet firmly planted in love & the cutest coos & expressions of joy! now get some rest tonight valiant voyagers and be oh so assured of your ever present support & legions of adoring fans surrounding you with purelight, singing your names in a collective thub-dub chorus! go rube-y go go go!!! ~matteo

  14. I finally figured how to watch the videos you post. Ruben is SO CUTE!!!
    We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Suerte.

  15. What a dumpling! That boy of yours is definitely a strong presence – you can see in his gaze that those brain cells are working full steam! As the mother of a very sick baby (once-upon-a-time), I know what you’re going through. It’s so frightening to worry about him, wondering if the trials he’s going through now will affect him later in life. Well, they don’t remember a thing! Ruben is so small – there’s no lasting memory. My very sick baby is now 16 years old, 6’2″, 170 lbs, and still growing! I have the gray hair and the memories, and he has a happy, healthy future! Many blessings to you all, and best wishes for speedy recovery for Ruben.

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