tiny dancer

Ruben’s been doing great today, slowly weaning off of respirator help and meds. The pace is like molasses – but it’s working – each time they turn a dial or press a down arrow, he ‘tolerates’ beautifully.

He’s still deeply sedated (because he’s intubated) but he can move now. So, he’s been wiggling today – or dancing, as the doctors say. Even though it’s an odd, drugged-up dance that he dances mainly when he is uncomfortable … it’s immensely reassuring to see him move.

We think they might might start to give him breastmilk this evening (through a tube to his intestines), fingers crossed.

Sometimes we watch little clips of Ruben because we miss him so much …. thought we’d share one with you.

Hope you all are doing well in your lives. What’s new out there?


19 thoughts on “tiny dancer

  1. i accidentally clicked the “advertisement” video above trying to see ruben and was momentarily very confused–we’re thrilled to hear he keeps progressing so wonderfully and soon i’m sure the challenge will be trying to get him to sit still when you’re back in bk–we love him and you two and appreciate the updates–let us know at any point if there’s anyhting we can do–yours, ben/ari

  2. We love reading about every day’s progress. “Slow and Steady….” as they say. We are all fine, as you asked. Ups and downs, but small ones. Going to Boston this weekend and looking forward to it. Will certainly keep on checking in from up there to keep up with Ruben’s “dancing” progress. Much love. J. P, E, Z.

  3. so glad it’s going so well. from these posts, it seems to have a very different feeling to it than the last time. it’s amazing how things ‘normalize’ with repeated experience. you are all awesome! adelante! anne e

  4. Well, nothing as pressing as little Ruben but to lighten it up a bit… Liam and I are in California. Me on press junket Liam on college tour. We went to see Caltech today and it was really cool. Liam was inspired, intrigued and in love!! Awesome campus, awesome potential. And not so bad when the admissions guy after a long sell makes it a point to claim his fandom for me, the dad. Slightly embarrassing yet can’t go unnoticed when applying time comes along, right!!??

    Xxooxxo to all.

  5. Mei and I are in Hawaii since last Saturday. We are here for a get together with my parents who will join us tomorrow from Japan. They have not seen us for 3 years. Mei and I are enjoying the warm Hawaiian breeze and Mei loves saying “Aloha” 🙂
    We are sending your way relaxing and coconut scent breeze! So happy to hear about Ruben’s wiggly dance. Keep us posted! Praying for Ruben’s Fast recovery with Nature here. Mizuho

  6. Hello RubenandSamandMaddyandGranparents,
    Phone returned, incision closed, Joe nursing, Dr Chen doctoring, Mama’s milk getting through the tube, Ruben dancing…..As a reader of this blog, who doesn’t experience the down moments, the long waits, and the scary events, it all sounds very very good. Let’s keep going. Love, Albert

  7. Amelia made me play that video for her 5 times in a row. “Beebee Roo-den. Beebee Roo-den!!!” It was hard not to watch it a 6th time. xoxo S, B, E & A

  8. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately about early infancy, intimate interaction with caregivers, and the origins of ADD. Wow. Ruben is so alert! So attentive! So much a little distinct individual! Yay! Good genes. Good parents. Good going, guys!

  9. Couldn’t watch the video (at work – blocked) – but was able to print off the still. So now Ruben is gazing at me from just behind my computer screen: when I lift my head from reading briefings to various ministers to add something to my report, or follow some trail of thought or reference, there are those beautiful big eyes and that wee pursed mouth. Soon those eyes will be looking at you again with intense interest and delight to see Mummy and Daddy.
    Wellington has decided it’s summer again. Blue sky, warm, not too windy.
    Sending lots of love, constantly.
    Great auntie Rosie

  10. …munching veggie booty & sipping passionberry kombucha… did a playback workshop for a bunch of middleschoolers with granny jo this afternoon, then played host tonight for a marist college improv event about relationships… watched ”i am” documentary last night and am convinced more and more of our true infinite interconnectedness… now creating an activation of love, healing, & joyful dancing reunions for us all !!! ~matteo

  11. Glad to follow Matteo’s post (unless someone else gets in first. – I like the sound of all that)., I admit to watching Ruben Sneezing twice and thought it was far better than all the reviews. I will definitely recommend it and certainly watch it again (and not feel at all embarrassed) . Today has been a stunningly beautiful day here on the island, blue skies and seas and hot enough to loll about in the garden for ten minutes at 5pm with a cold beer (non-alcoholic) before getting back to the work of planting and transplanting, digging and so on. Now am off to a secret assignment indulging a bit of creativity. Last night the first contractions for a new PT group here – about 50 mosquitoes would like to have joined up too. Much love from us to all of you and especially the dancing R, who has the most delightful way of looking quizzical … Jan and Peter

  12. Max and I arrived in Phuket, Thailand in the wee hours of yesterday morning, and we are acclimatizing here in a lovely little tourist town before heading further off the beaten track to hopefully rent a place for a couple of months. It is hot and humid and lovely here, and the food is, of course, unbelievable. I’m pretty out of it with jet lag, but very happy nonetheless.
    Love to you 3.

  13. I have taken the liberty of showing this video to some colleagues… so this little dancer is getting a lot of loving from Dancexchange in Birmingham!

  14. Ruben’s journey, so full of grace, ripples outward to touch the hearts of many. In turn, we share with you our thoughts, prayers and candles lit for this spirited young man, his parents, grandparents and all others deeply connected. Be well Jim & Darshano

  15. I breathe a sigh of relief with every post…I’m so glad to hear that he’s progressing and not “misbehaving” too much! I, too, shamelessly watched this video a few times. It’s kinda ridiculous how cute he is– CLEARLY he is trying to tell mama something VERY important and VERY exciting (if only he could figure out how to get those darn words out!!).–Rosa

  16. It’s so good to know that Ruben’s moving again and on his way back to being his wiggly alert little self. My news is that my roommate passed on a never-worn 3-6 month black one-sy (sp?) that I am going to bring over soon for Ruben – ready for some chic, New York baby style? And also — I’m taking a fiddle class at Jalopy. We’ll have to have a jam session at your place soon and get Ruben really dancing.
    Lots of love,

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