valentine telephone

Sam here:

Today Ruben’s open incision was closed by Dr Chen and his crew. As they say, he “tolerated the closure” very well. Now it will be a few days of coming off the sedatives and paralyzing meds and carefully watching all his numbers. Then we will have a squirmy Ruben, mad as hell and hungry as a caterpillar. Most of the swelling is gone and he looks like a baby, not a line backer.

Next goal-post is to get the breathing tube out (in a couple of days). After that he will be on less invasive respiratory machines for a while until all is stable.

We will let you know as this story develops.

why telephone?

When dr Chen was telling us that Ruben was ok, Maddy was in the pump room, pumping. I texted her. She left in a bit of a hurry, leaving her iphone in the pump room. She realized a few minutes later, went in to get it and it was gone. No one had left it at the front desk, and after it did not turn up for while we decided it was stolen. She locked it remotely and tracked it (if you think they are not following you, think again, even WE can track phones from our lap-tops). It was across the street at Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital. Very strange. I went across the street, looked for anyone fighting to unlock an iphone, nothing. Chatted with the security people there who said, oh yeah, this happens all the time. Looked in the garbage cans, and eventually came back. Maddy had sent the phone a message saying to please return to the front desk at the PICU. At 6pm (3 hours later) the front desk intercomed out asking if any parents lost a phone! Someone had turned it in! A valentines day miracle! Our thief had a change of HEART? why ask why?

Maddy: Or – someone took it by accident. And, Ruben’s heart tucked back safely in his chest is a serious valentines day miracle.

here’s our incredible nurse Joe who has been with Ruben since Thursday …. the photo looks kind of dramatic, but he’s just cleaning up one of Ruben’s IV sites. Thank you, Joe!!!



15 thoughts on “valentine telephone

  1. So glad that Ruben’s incredible little heart is safely encased once more. Whew. The telephone thing is weird but nice in its way – a nice little bit of positive in the the end -and to add to the general aura of hope and getting -better-all-the-time news as Ruben pulls through.

    Much love,

  2. Love the phone story. I had a similar experience (but had a pretty good idea of who had taken it) and when I got my phone back at the end of the day, someone had made several calls to the accounts department of a local hospital. I think she just needed to make some calls! I go for the change of heart interpretation of Maddy’s phone!

    Love it more that Ruben is doing so well and can’t wait til he is squirming in your arms again.

    Much love to you and the Ruben Fox fan club on Valentines Day.

  3. Hearts are the order of the day. Here’s to all hearts and all miracles.
    You two are simply incredible.
    Happy Valentine’s Day,
    Love to you all-

  4. Thank you Ruben for honouring Valentine’s Day in this way – the best heart story we’ve heard. And what cool heads your parents have, with their quiet appeal to the iPhone borrower. Hoping that the next hours and days will go by quickly with each little wakening and recovery signposting the way back to being home again and wiggling to everyone’s heart’s content.
    Love from Jan and Peter (from our island, where our thirsty soil just got a long cool drink – Ruben?)

  5. there are 12 (15?? 18???) million stories in the naked city. this was just one of them. (when i used to watch the naked city, as a kid, there were 8 million, not sure what the # is now)
    happy heart day, love you, anne e

  6. I am SOOO happy to hear things are moving along and Ruben looks more like himself!
    Maddy and Sam, you are incredible and just wonderful parents. Sending you Love, Mizuho

  7. Kia kaha, not long to go… I keep going back to the “Ready” video and holding that image of Ruben ready for anything.
    Arohanui, Deborah (and Rosie, but she’s in bed)

  8. Wonderful news! Ruben is and will continue to be flying through without a hitch.
    About that phone, they all look alike! Not much I-magination in the phone color category! I choose to believe that someone picked it up thinking it was their phone and didn’t make any calls or use an apps for a few hours (a difficult task for any I-phone user) but when they did they realized it was the wrong phone and so returned it, too embarrassed to confront the owner. (I like an optimistic scenario)….fly Ruben, fly
    Love, Nancy

  9. We are so glad that Ruben’s chest is closed, and that he is heading for consciousness and mobility once more. An important step on the journey. How sweet that his brave little heart was was enfolded on Valentines Day. Love to you all,

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