slow drip

We passed another peaceful night. Ruben is stable as he continues to pee and pee and pee. It’s a slow process (we have at least a couple more days until they can close his chest) but we’re getting there.

thanks for all your cheering on – it keeps us cheery

love love


21 thoughts on “slow drip

  1. Sooo happy to hear how well the little man is doing. Cheering from the sidelines and sending lots of goodness to the amazing parents. x, Rachel

  2. ruben ! you are so strong it is awe-inspiring. yesterday i planted a butterfly plant in your honor and every time i water it i think of you. at the moment it is in a bit of root shock and so needs extra care & love, but already i can see the little delicate leaves opening for the sun. sending you light. love, cait xox

  3. We have a peeing sky here in sympathy with Ruben’s great efforts. Today some new plants will go into the garden, Ruben can inspect them when he gets here! Perhaps he’s inherited the smelling genes and will love the daphne! Warm hugs and hope you all manage some rest. All our love, Jan and Peter

  4. So glad to hear that things are going well!! The birds are chirping here, and Tom is going to play a song today for Ruben at his Jazz gig! We continue to keep you three in our thoughts. And… without even trying I am surprising myself with how much I can pee!! I hope you are getting rest and food and some fresh air sometimes. Love, Sarah and Tom

  5. I am praying for Ruben and I also know he can’t wait to play with his wonderful parents! Everyday, he is making a sure progress towards that. Sometimes, in the PICU setting, the act of feeling hurts! Numbness is a good thing sometimes. Regardless of your feeling state, you are taking every step of recovery journey with Ruben. Sending everyone at the hospital love, Mizuho

  6. i love you ruben
    i hope you are feeling better soon
    i want to play with you soon
    i want to show you all my toys
    and read you a book
    hi maddy i hope you are going home soon
    maddy I hope you are doing the pee pee dance right now
    love gavin

  7. Thank you again, and as always, for keeping us all up to date. So glad that Ruben is stable and progressing. All love to you all as you sit and wait – and wait, and sit. As we all do in our various ways, wherever we are.

    Much love,

  8. It’s nice to take a little break from homework and look at the excellent pic of Sam and Ruben (in his SuperRuben shirt) on the bed. I visualize you guys cozily reinstalled back at home soon! Meanwhile, I’m glad you have a pretty cozy spot in the hospital while you wait for that to happen. If you need some good page-turners, and you haven’t read them yet, try the Hunger Games series…. Much love!

  9. we are very happy to hear he’s doing well, and holding him and the rest of the fam in our thoughts. thanks for keeping us posted and call on us if you need anything. love,b/a

  10. Just another day or two and hopefully little Ruben will be closed up and on his way to healing.
    We hope the two of you are able to get rest as you rev up for a deliciously squirmy little guy.
    You’ve already learned how to keep your eye on the prize. The prize is a good one.
    We send so much love,
    Yvonne and Moe

  11. Might Ruben…my family and I are sending you strength, a speedy recovery and a swift return to wiggling freely in your loving parents’ arms. Rosa

  12. Hey guys, much love from Mike and Rachel (who is hard at work right now knitting Ruben a very natty cardigan). Love and good Coromandel vibes x

  13. We got your card the other day and Ruben smiles at us from the fridge now – and I smile back. Cannot wait to do this in the flesh! love and more love to you all, Miranda

  14. Hi Ruben, Maddy and Sam, I hope this sunny day finds you all doing well and one step closer to coming home. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Nancy and all the Wasserman clan

  15. Thought of you all in the middle of the night kast night. (Big pee was involved). hope all continues smoothly to the next stage. Our two Little Guys (our alter egos/household gods) are keeping watch by Ruben’s picture. (We’ll send you a photo)
    So much love to you all.
    Rosie and Deborah

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