Hi folks, Sam here. We are back in the familiar waiting game. So far Ruben is doing as well as he can be. Last time we heard a lot of “Ruben is mis-behaving”, which meant various numbers were going in the wrong direction. So far everyone has been happy with his numbers, but of course that could change at any minute. It’s easier in the sense that we know so much more about what is happening and we speak much more fluent doctorspeak. At the same time its harder because we know him as a little person, at home in our arms, and now we can’t even really touch him. Plus he just looks so rough.
As always it means a lot to us to have you all rooting, and peeing, for our little friend. And we will keep you up to date.


21 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. So great to hear your voice; we’ve been fled to the screen all day, waiting to get a word. So much love and powerful vibes coming toward you all from our direction. Rickie and Jim

  2. ari and i are with you guys. i believe ruben knows he his surrounded by a tremendous amount of love, as are you and maddy. i am glad to hear things are going well so far, infinitely difficult as it all must be. the three of you are at the center of our thoughts. ever, b/a

  3. offering intention & certainty that roughness & tenseness will faithfully evolve & transform once again into the soothing serenity of beauty, ease & joy for you and your mighty beloved super-boy! love to all, ~matteo

  4. Numbers never meant so much, huh…? I’m sending you my two favorites, 6 and 3, the last one rhymes with pee! They may not be the magic ones, but they are sent with so much love and caring. Waiting, holding, routing for the little guy.

  5. I don’t want to make anyone jealous but I think I win the prize for peeing. I’ve been on a water drinking run. I, therefore, take credit for Ruben’s dutiful peeing.
    Moe and I send so much love to Ruben and all the heroes who are helping him through this time. Think spring! Love, Yvonne

  6. Pee and the world pees with you. Glad the numbers are holding steady!

    Since numbers are todays theme-here are the 12 days of Ruben. All please add verses. Here goes:
    On the first day in PICU Ruben gave to me…
    Lots and lots (but not too much) pee.

    On the second day in PICU Ruben gave to me…
    Holding his own and healing steadily

  7. Thank you so much for posting. I freely like I know ruben from your posts, even though one never met him. He is a tough little guy and will be back in the cuddle position before you know it! Chas

  8. Just repeating my comment from yesterdays blog as I posted late ,probably only few minutes before today’s update came through:
    The first hurdle always the tensest I guess;but nothing relieves a tense situation like a forthright flowing of the little yellow fountain.Go Ruben you brave little champion-relieve yourself and relieve us all.Luv Patrick

  9. waiting is hell….may the numbers be where they are supposed to be and may the days pass quickly until you are all at home again. love to all. anne e

  10. And from us, as well, echoing all the above sentiments. Can’t wait for the time when all of these dealings will be but a distant memory. Lots of love. J, P, E, Z.

  11. What an ordeal, and what love and endurance. May Ruben’s little heart heal and help heal all our hearts that have opened for him. We send all our love,

  12. Maddy and Sam:

    back on station here with ears and heart open and the prayer wheel spinning, reading your posts with hope and admiration.

    Peter P

  13. sending the healing, uplifting, life-affirming energy of a beautiful dance party where we sang for you, dear little Ruben! all our love is coming your family’s way, directly from the unison dance floor, sarah & felicia

    • I can attest to this! The song was full of harmony, healing and hope. All attending held you in our hearts. I look forward to the day that Ruben will be dancing and singing with us!

      Love and love again,
      Elise, Mathew, Adin and Maya

  14. I read an old New Yorker article about the founding fathers of open-heart surgery — such daring, brave, committed doctors! Thought of you all — so thankful for those first doctors and patients. Wishing for stability, quick healing, and more adorable videos (soon!)
    love, Jess

  15. Again we are tuned in from afar -Ruben the centre of our collective attention here in this little corner of the Southern Hemisphere. Ruben has to lie still at the moment but I am imagining him just concentrating his energy where it needs to be right now.
    Mountains of love to you all – and we are waiting with you. Love, Felicity

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