um … make that Thursday, Feb 9th

due to what amounts to a technicality (how long blood work lasts), we got a call that Ruben’s surgery will take place on Thursday instead of Friday ….

gearing up for Thursday!


18 thoughts on “um … make that Thursday, Feb 9th

  1. Ruben, you look tough and strong. I believe you will get through this with flying colors. We love you so much….and your family.

  2. Ruben, you look like your mum in that picture! Bring on 9th Feb, one day after your fabulous great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. Let long life lead to long life. Love and good heartstring vibrations to all. Miranda xx

  3. Whoah!! March…No, make that early February! Friday. No! Make that Thursday! You write with the same positive attitude that you have from the beginning. Ruben is such an alert and radiant little fellow – he surely picks up your strength and love – shining it right back to you. I am sending loving thoughts and light-filled prayers to all of you. Valerie

  4. A day sooner is one less day of stress….Ruben says, bring it on! Boy, he does look a lot like his mom in that picture and full of the strength of his parents and family. Love and positive thoughts to you all. Nancy

  5. We are thinking of all of you with great love and hope that this roller coaster ride will soon be done and you can settle in to the long and eventful journey of a normal childhood. There is so much to look forward to around that next corner. Your courage and resilience, and the spirit of Ruben, are amazing and beautiful. May all go smoothly, with a quick recovery. Sen
    ding lots of love!

  6. oh i just LOVE that picture of ruben ! he really looks like you maddy in that picture –although i see you too sam in his eyes for sure -what a little cutie ! will be sending you all love on thursday and every day. he is so strong and sweet at the same time. im so glad he has wonderful doctors and so much love surrounding him. xox cait

  7. All of our thoughts and hopes are with the three of you… I can’t think of a stronger trio of people to go through this.

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