merry happy

After living it up on 11th street with the extended Prince Coleman crew, Ruben, Sam and I took our first little road trip over the weekend up to New Paltz. We loved getting out of the City for a minute, and we had a very nice time – eating, singing and hanging with family. Between Christmas Eve and Christmas, Ruben skyped with family members all over the world – New Zealand, Germany, and England – including his great-grandparents Jack and Laurie in Wellington. It turns out Ruben loves skyping.

Our cardiology visit on Tuesday went well. The update is that the cardiologists (far and wide) conferred and decided that he will definitely need another surgery (open-heart again) to correct his heart. Meanwhile, Ruben is doing great – he gained another 10 oz this week, and is now 9 lbs 3 oz. And since he is continuing to thrive (as they say), they would like him to keep getting stronger for a while. But, even though Ruben is doing A OK right now, if they don’t correct his heart, in the long term there will be too much strain. So, we’re looking at a return to the Pediatric ICU at Cornell in March-ish. We’re not sure exactly when, yet. Hopefully this time the surgery will be a bit more straightforward!

We’ll learn more over the next month.

I’m looking around for a good heart diagram to share on here ….

And, so, life continues! This week we’re figuring out our living space and sleeping rhythms.

We hope all of you are enjoying festivities/family! Here comes 2012!!







7 thoughts on “merry happy

  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. I am so grateful that Ruben is thriving. I remember thinking when Star was 3 weeks old and caught a cold,” geez, three weeks ago I was able to have persepctive but now I know I can’t live without her!” That tiny cat-sized person takes up a wonderful huge psychic space in our lives. Keep thriving everyone!

  2. What lovely heart-warming pics – I wonder how New Paltz managed BR! Hard to imagine. So good to hear that Ruben is doing so well outside the ICUs and can take a holiday upstate and even gain a few ounces on the way. I’m sure he’s working on building up his stamina to deal with the next surgery as sturdily as he did with the first one.
    Lots of love and the best of hopes for the the New Year.

    Jan and Peter

  3. Sending best wishes and joy in 2012! So wonderful to see Ruben thriving on family love and his mama’s great milk. xxxtana

  4. So nice to see the New Paltz and Brooklyn friends/family spending time with Ruben. He is so cute; reminds me a lot of Michael in some of the fotos. Glad you have a few months of calm now. Love to you all. anne e

  5. Thank you very much for this update and pics- we were waiting to hear what the cardio people would say -and that sounds like pretty good news overall -that he’s doing well enough to wait a couple of months now. And of course it was amazing to ‘meet’ Ruben on Skype on Christmas Day -that was a very, very good moment. Here’s wishing you a quiet few months building you up all three for the next operation -during which Ruben will grow, start smiling a lot, talking back to you more and more -and we will imagine you savouring every moment. Much love meantime from Felicity and family.

  6. We are all happy that Rube is gaining nicely, doing so well, and getting all the attention he deserves. Best wishes for a Happy happy healthy healthy New Year! Love Nancy and the gang

  7. what a yumster! so glad i got to see you guys and looking forward to seeing you again soon. happy new year with your new dulce. kev

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