hi everybody!

we’ve missed you

life is going by in a love-infused blur at the moment – and we’ve been neglectful bloggers

well, also, our arms are often full of Ruben, making it difficult to type.

but life is oh so good with Ruben!

This past week he gained 10 ounces – weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz. and, he’s continuing to eat and eat and eat. He’s getting cuter and chunkier every day.

Mostly Sam, Ruben and I have been cocooned in our apartment getting to know life at home together. But, it’s the season for family gatherings, so Ruben is looking forward to meeting more family and friends and even getting out of the City over this next week.

We’ll be meeting with Ruben’s cardiologist on Tuesday at 9am for an echocardiogram and an update. We’ll be sure to pass on whatever we find out!

Ruben’s echocardiogram’s are most successful when he is sleeping soundly. If anyone has any tips for making sure a baby sleeps at a particular time – pass them on! So far, our thought is to try to make sure he eats a big meal right before hand …

hope everyone is warm and cozy and doing well.


here’s Ruben in an outing to his upstairs grandparent’s house, getting to sit at the grown-up table:




9 thoughts on “cocoon

  1. Hi….I can’t see the picture of Ruben going to G-mas and G-pas but I bet he looks great! Watch out…Sharon might have found a recipe for making breast milk into whipped cream for him! Love and many hugs, Nancy

  2. wow, 10 ounces in one week! you’re really fattening him up on that good breast milk. love the pictures and the more relaxed expressions on everyone’s faces. so happy for you all. anne e

  3. What fabulous news… So excited that Ruben is home and doing well. As far as sleep goes, we had a lot of luck with white noise (running the tap, or you can get various MP3s) with Quyen.

    ps. Love the T-Shirt!

  4. So lovely to hear news of Ruben and his wonderful family just getting on with it and the great gain in weight. We wish you all a sunny and successful visit upstate and many memorable moments.
    From Germany, lots of love, Jan and Peter

  5. Lovely to hear he’s doing so well and see the pics. What a lovely bubby. Happy Christmas Eve from us all gathered here in Manchester šŸ™‚ Rachel xxx

  6. So glad to hear that you’ve been cocooning! Good luck tomorrow with the echocardiogram. I’ll be thinking of you guys!
    Love, Sarah

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