still tube free

Sam here:

Ruben spent another day without the breathing machine, and continued to breath at an acceptable rate. He spent the day in a very cheerful mood (when he wasn’t sleeping or eating, which occupied much of his time and attention). He is so freaking cute it defies the laws of dreams and beauty.

The cardiologists are having a meeting tomorrow with their cardiologist friends from other hospitals and they will discuss Ruben’s case. It seems there will likely be more procedures that he will need, but they will decide tomorrow if he needs them now, or if he can go home, and come back (possibly soon) for the next steps. By which time he will probably have jumped bail and be on a freight train to Mexico. And who could blame him.

So, keep your fingers crossed. They say we could be on our way home as soon as Thursday (!). And they say that we might not be leaving for a while. We won’t know till it actually happens.

Here’s Ruben in his new poncho that Jo, maddy’s mom, made for him:


21 thoughts on “still tube free

  1. I said it yesterday, but have to say it again…he REALLY is too freakin’ cute!!!!
    Continuing to send Ruben healing energy!!

  2. YAAAAYYYY!! Excellent poncho! So happy to always get your updates and to see what amazing parents you are. I guess it just comes naturally for some people! Love yous.

  3. absolutely brilliant news so far… and keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the meeting today. So lovely to see the photos of him and can’t wait to see photos of you all at home…

  4. WOW!!! I’m reveling in all of the cuteness! I hope the doctors give a thumbs up for you all to go home this week. -Clay

  5. Sweetie pie Ruben -and what a snug and handsome poncho that is! here’s hoping for a trip home soon -but -the main thing is that he’s doing well and he clearly is. Crossing fingers and sending love as always, Felicity

  6. Wonderful to see the moving pictures from yesterday and now to hear the maybe possible vielleicht good news of at least a visit home – keeping all available bits crossed!!!

    How adorable this Ruben is – lots of cooing from over here.
    Love and what a beautiful poncho
    Jan and Peter

  7. This suggestion of a home visit sounds so good. What a welcome he will get in his Park Slope world! He deserves a hero’s welcome, as do his amazing parents.
    Underneath that magnificent poncho lies a heart of gold working so hard to do its job right. This, in time, will be the case. You have a smart and dedicated team of doctors and nurses making good decisions for him.
    Please take pictures of Ruben coming through the door of his home so we can have a good cry followed by a sigh of relief. We’ve all been waiting for this moment.
    Go Ruben! We love you so much.
    Yvonne and Moe

  8. first rule of parenthood is the total lack of control–which you have been schooled in immensely the past almost 5 weeks. hope to see you this week at home, but if not, we’ll see you soon. hugs,lori

  9. Go Ruben! Loved seeing him on the video – hadn’t seen it yet when I met him in my dream last night – his eyes were so charming and wise and luminous, I was quite taken. Sending you all strength and patience and good cheer as the joy of a homecoming beckons! Love, Sarah

  10. that’s a great picture! i imagine it’s incredibly hard not knowing when you might get to leave–but he’s getting there, it sounds like. we’re keeping, along with so many others, our love focused on the strong little guy… ben/ari

  11. the littlest poncho sits atop this young man
    thankfully protected from the winter’s cold plan
    made by his grandma with a kiss and a prayer
    made with a hug and the thread’s woolen care
    this poncho speaks volumes of stories yet told
    this cape is filled with dreams to unfold
    this cloak like a gift from ancestor’s gone by
    this mantle of love sings the song of Jo’s lullabye.

    Sweet Musings dear Ruben!!!

    Scotty, Ana and Liam xxoxox

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