Some more photos




Ruben yesterday afternoon; Ruben with his Nana aka Jo; Maddy, Sam and London,  the doula, 10 minutes after Rubens birth.


7 thoughts on “Some more photos

  1. Felicity

    thanks for these – it’s so nice to keep getting these glimpses of the little miracle going on in your lives. More love from newly-great aunt Felicity

  2. Newly great aunt Jan here – so wonderful to see these lovely photos – thank you opa jon and nana Jo.
    Oh dear, wish I could be there …

  3. Dear Maddy and Sam,
    I am Kathie Fiveash, a close friend of Jo and Jonathan. I believe we have met a couple of times, Maddy – once on Isle au Haut and once in New Paltz. I have been following your journey with my mother, Elaine Frederick, who was a pediatric cardiologist back in the late 1950’s and 60’s. At that time, the prognosis for Ruben would have been very different than it is today, and Mom and I shared all our hopes and optimism about his birth and his life. My mom died, at home in her favorite chair, peacefully and independently, surrounded by her children, on Oct 29th – just a couple of days before Ruben was born. Your joyful news lifted my spirit, though it was very poignant not to be able to share it with my mom. I want to send my congratulations to you and your family, and to say that I hope some day soon I will have a chance to meet you again, this time with your beautiful son in tow. I will be waiting for the news of his next steps, full of confidence in his life.

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