22 thoughts on “Ruben!

  1. Congratulations! Maddy, I can’t believe I saw you in the coop at noon and by seven Ruben was born. Heroic! There you were holding that basket of food and probably in labor already.

    Incidentally, Ruben is the name I always pushed for for our boys. I love it that you’ve adopted it.

    Linda Schneider

  2. And then there were three! Welcome Ruben! Makes me think of the song “God danced the day you were born!” There’s a big fat shindig of happy joy going on right about now!!! Yippeee!

  3. Hurray! and welcome to a gorgeous and beautiful wonderful little boy! We will be thinking of you and sending all our love every minute. Felicity (and Richard who doesn’t know yet!)

  4. Looks like Sam – so wonderful that’s he’s there and so healthy looking. Congratulations to all parents and grandparents and sisters and brothers. And congrats to Maddy and Sam for producing a BOY after a female generation on the distaff side.

  5. Hooray. Welcome to the outside world Ruben! Good choice on the parents, and we can’t wait to meet you and for you and Noah to get to play soon. We are sending you all much much love from Pittsburgh!!! Bask in the glow….


  6. Welcome Aboard Ruben,
    Here’s wishing you a good ride on this planet. I hope we (my generation) will leave behind a clean Earth for you to live and love on, Albert on isle Au Haut

  7. Yea Maddy and Sam!!! I am so happy he is here! I knew he was a boy!
    No wonder I was rushing to finish his baby blanket just last night!
    Giant hugs,

  8. Wow. He looks like he’s thinking hard about how to fight injustice…. Is that going to be curly hair? Love him so much already! Can’t wait to see you guys.

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